The Art of Sponsorship

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Our club is humming after summer. After the camps and farm clubs, we are still enjoying the warm weather and lots of rides down the river to the beach.

Our World Champ vaulting girls are well and truly into their training routine – being active 7-8 times a week. Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with their journey.

Behind the scenes, coaches, families and friends, club and community members are joining forces to organise the trip, costumes, accommodation, and the funding needed to achieve this goal.

Our next fundraiser is the VAULT Art Show in Raumati from 1-3 March. Check out the link for some photos of the artworks, and please come along to the opening night for first dibs on these amazing pieces.

We have also released Sponsorship Levels, which we so desperately need at this stage. Check out the sponsorship page on how we can support each other, or check out the girls’ new video (thanks to Glenn Miers):